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Uraner Almasy
21-11-2001, 14:09
...hahaha e io sono troppo contento :)

Bleem Inc. has closed its doors for business, according to its Website, www.bleem.com. Bleem Inc., the company that created a name for itself by developing excellent emulator software that brought PlayStation games to the PC and to the Dreamcast, posted a note on its Website today announcing it's closed for business for good.
According to a Reuters report posted today, Bleem Inc, based in LA, Ca., ran out of money from lengthy court battles with Sony Computer Entertainment. After an attempt at emailing Bleem representatives, IGNPS2 got an auto-reply that said, "Thanks for emailing Bleem!, but we're history. Vapor. Kaput. Splitsville. Extinct. Gone the way of the Dodo. In a word, Dead."

Bleem's troubles started with Sony in May 2000; First Sony sued, Bleem counter-sued, Sony had Bleem kicked out of the E3 2000, even though it had paid for an official booth, and the story went on and on.

Alka Stealther
21-11-2001, 19:09
Peccato, niente pi personaggi urfidi di Tekken 3 per Mugen...

21-11-2001, 21:51
Originally posted by Uraner Almasy
...hahaha e io sono troppo contento :)

Ma quanto me a giocare a Tekken 3 o Ridge Racer 4 con cd pirata sul pc in 800*600...
Per la serie "Sony non avrai MAI una lira da me!"

21-11-2001, 23:44
Sigh a me spiace, perche' al contrario dell'epsxe e fpsxe, il bleem non mi ha mai dato problemi -_- e come gira Bloody roarr su bleem non gira da nessuna parte =(

Peccato perhce' fra bleemcast e altri emu sembrava che la bleem fosse risorta :(

Bran Tyrewood
19-12-2001, 19:32
Buhhhh... a me il Bleem ha sempre fatto casini