View Full Version : Hola soy el espaņol

05-11-2001, 23:56
bonjorno, soy espaņol y he decidido hacerme una cuenta en este server.

HI iīm spanish and most surely my clan and i will come to this server

see u soon

06-11-2001, 16:19
I don't speak well Spanish, so I speak you in English.

Benvenudos (It's wrong, really?). :(

06-11-2001, 20:18
you say "Bienvenidos" but is close enough ;)
ok, as long as you people speak english i can move around :)
because ny italian is not very good...
by the way i asked for an account and i didnīt get it yet... maybe i did something wrong.... should i wait?? or should i ask for an other account????

09-11-2001, 17:01
what server did you asked an account for?
This is only a forum about the others forums.

Aragorn III
09-11-2001, 17:17
Hola amigos
Todos bien :)

09-11-2001, 17:41
Sai 3 parole in spagnolo e ti metti a fare il figaccione :D

Aragorn III
09-11-2001, 18:37
Veramente io ne leggo 4... :D